If you’re concerned that you or a loved one might be myopic, our team of experts at Highland Family Eye Care in Saint Paul, MN, can help provide quality myopia care and prevent the condition from worsening. To help you understand your condition better, here is what you need to know about myopia.


What is Myopia?

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common vision condition in which people see nearby objects clearly but distant objects become blurred. That means you may not be able to read the board in school, grocery store markers, road signs, or books. In most cases, you might not recognize or read objects that are far away until you’re close enough. This condition occurs when the eyeball is too long or the cornea is too curved. As a result, the light entering your eyes focuses in front of the retina rather than directly on it. The condition develops during childhood when the eyeballs experience rapid growth. Myopia can progress rapidly or gradually depending on age, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

What Causes Myopia?

Myopia has been linked to environmental factors, heredity, and other health problems. The condition is also more prevalent in people who spend long hours concentrating on close-up work such as books, television screens, or computers. If you have myopia, chances are one or both of your parents have myopia too.

Myopia Symptoms

If you’re nearsighted, you may realize that:

  •         Items close to you appear clear
  •         Far away objects look blurred and fuzzy
  •         You experience headaches reading small characters
  •         You squint to read or see far away objects

How Can an Optometrist Help?

Our optometrist will conduct a basic eye exam that includes an eye health exam and refraction assessment. Nearsightedness can be treated by focusing light on the retina using corrective lenses.  Our optometrist will prescribe glasses or contact lenses that will help you see all objects and write clearly. If glasses or contacts are not a good option for you, your optometrist can check whether you're eligible for refractive surgery. The surgery reduces the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses by reshaping the cornea. After this surgery, you will notice a significant improvement in your vision.

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